BATON ROUGE, LA (January 9, 2024) – Perkins Rowe announced today that the popular local boutique studio, Body Sculpt Barre Studio, will be opening a pop up studio. The studio will occupy 1,975 sqft of 2nd generation space next to Francesca’s.

Body Sculpt isn’t your typical workout.  They use the best of fitness avenues and latest trends to merge with our signature brand of body sculpt barre.  Because their barre brand is centered around strength, balance, lengthening, cardio and endurance, they have merged top fitness training tools with their barre brand. You can find classes such as Barre Beats (barre combined with cardio burst of the POUND Fit workout), Barre Brawls (barre combined with boxing/kickboxing cardio and strength intervals), Barre Bells (barre combined with circuits and HIIT style kettle bell training), Barrelates (Barre combined with pilates equipment), BarreX (Barre combined with the strength elements of TRX and suspension pilates training), and LIIT Barre (Barre combined with lighter Intensity Cardio Intervals).

Body Sculpt promises to keep your body challenged and mind intrigued, you will never get the same class twice – ever!

A message from owner, Shelly Saurage: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of our 5th location, and the excitement is palpable as we bring our empowering and invigorating fitness experience to Baton Rouge, in Perkin’s Rowe! The capital city has been the highest requested destination by our dedicated community for years, and we’re ecstatic to finally bring the energy, excitement, and total body workout that has become an addiction and fan favorite over the past decade in the 225 area.

For the past 10 years, we have been transforming lives, not just physically and mentally but building strong colleague relationships, supporting local businesses, and growing a movement. Now, as we set foot in Baton Rouge, we are not just opening another location; we are creating an additional hub for empowerment and community building.

Our mission goes beyond providing a workout; it’s about fostering empowerment and building a larger community of strong, confident women. We believe that the more women we impact, the stronger our empowerment movement becomes. Opening our doors in Baton Rouge is not just about fitness; it’s about creating a space where women can come together, support each other, and emerge stronger, both physically and mentally.

The decision to open a pop-up location in Baton Rouge was fueled by a genuine desire to understand the needs and desires of our 225 community. The pop-up location is not just a temporary space; it’s a testament to our commitment to creating a genuine connection with the incredible women of Baton Rouge, in hopes to be the foundation of a permanent home.

At Body Sculpt Barre Studio, we understand that true empowerment comes from within. As our clients feel motivated and empowered, we, in turn, are fueled with enthusiasm to continue pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. We hope you will join us in this exciting journey as we embark on a new chapter, spreading brand awareness, creating connections, and empowering a larger community of women.

Get ready, Baton Rouge – the Body Sculpt Barre experience is here, and we can’t wait to sculpt and empower even more incredible women of the 225 area! Together, let’s make BSB more than just a workout – let’s make it a lifestyle!”

Body Sculpt Barre Studio is set to open next month.  For more information on, please follow them on Instagram @bodysculptbarrebatonrouge.

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