It’s that time of the year for students, teachers, and parents! Whether you’re headed back into the classroom or the carpool line, we want to help you be the most prepared for the new school year.

We talked to a few people around the Rowe and on social media about getting back to school.  Here’s what they had to say.

Lama with Studyville

Tell us about you!
Hi, I’m Lama (pronounced Emma with an L) and I’m a Studyville tutor and concurrent graduate student in the LSU Department of Philosophy.

Since graduating from Duke University with my B.S. in Economics and Political Science in May 2020, I have served as a tutor for students of all ages ranging from elementary school to secondary school to college and late-in-life learners. My primary subject areas include statistics, calculus, economics, English, U.S. and world histories, as well as ACT® and SAT® prep. I am also an ACT® Certified Educator.

When I’m not tutoring, you can find me being yanked around town by my canine friends, running the LSU lakes, or buried in a good book!

 Pick one: Biology or Chemistry
Impossible! Chemistry is the foundation of biology, and biology is the fruition of chemistry. You can’t choose between milk and ice cream – you need both!

What are some of your favorite study tips?

  • With biology and chemistry in particular, students typically see big and harsh sounding words like “abiogenesis” and go running straight for the hills, when they should be running through their existing root word repertoire!
  • Scientific vocabulary is as straightforward and methodical as scientific reasoning. All you need to figure it out is some familiarity with Latin or Greek Roots that are already abundant in English.
  • To figure out the meaning of a word like “abiogenesis,” break it apart to make it more digestible. Here we see the roots: “a,” “bio,” and “genesis.”
    • From words like “atypical” and “apolitical,” we know that the prefix “a” means not.
    • “Bio,” meanwhile, can be found in “biology” or “biosphere” and means life.
    • “Genesis” we know from Sunday school or from words like “generation” or “progeny” means the origin.
  • Putting all of this together, we know that “abiogenesis” must represent living (biotic) organisms that originated from (or had their genesis in) non-living (abiotic) organisms.

The ACT and SAT are crucial for high schoolers. Which Studyville workshop do you recommend to prepare?
If you’re an ACT/SAT novice, check out Studyville’s Essentials courses for a thorough overview of the exam structure, function, and material. If you’ve been around the block a few times, but you want to up your score before test day, put your gear in our Overdrive courses which will equip you with all the tips and tricks experienced test takers will need to beat the ACT and SAT at their own game.

We love the giant Scrabble board in Studyville! What’s your highest scoring Scrabble word?!
Ventriloquizing: making sound without perceptibly moving your mouth or lips

Anything else?
If you or a loved one has experienced the negative side-effects of hands-off, onscreen learning, come to Studyville where your peers are your pedagogy and you learn with 3-D tutors, not just computers!

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with @milleranne10

Tell us about you!
Hi, my name is Miller and I’m a current junior studying biological engineering at LSU. I’m originally from Hot Springs, AR, but have lived in Baton Rouge for most of the past two years. I’m a member of Delta Gamma at LSU and I’m also of of the Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Reps (Check us out @vspinklsu)

Pick one: Coffee or Tea

Do you have any back to school traditions?
I pretty much always buy something new that I feel confident in for the first day of classes!

What kind of book are you reading when you’re not studying?
I am currently reading Happy Not Perfect by Poppy Jamie and it’s all about cultivating positive mental health 

Where are you studying at the Rowe?
I am definitely studying near the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble! I have a serious coffee addiction lol but taking a study break to window shop at Kendra Scott or Blu Spero Boutique!

What’s the one thing you cannot study without?
Music! I absolutely hate studying in silence so I’m either listening to music or watching old lectures & videos to help me prepare.

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