We had PLENTY of April showers, and now it’s time for May flowers!

Many of you are gearing up for the end of the school year, maybe even graduation, and summer vacation! Staying home by the pool this summer? Are you headed to the beach? Whatever your plans, we’ve got you covered to be the most summer ready!

We talked to a few people around the Rowe and on social media about getting summer ready! Here’s what they had to say!

Tiffany with European Wax Center

Tell us about you!
I’ve been a part of the European Wax Center family for the past 4 years. I started in Lafayette and moved to Baton Rouge last year and was so excited to be able to continue my career with EWC. I absolutely love what I do! Meeting new people and making y’all feel gorgeous is my passion.

Pick one: Shea butter or aloe scented products?
Aloe! I’m obsessed with our new deodorant! It’s aluminum-free and helps to slow hair regrowth.

What’s your favorite European Wax Center product?
By all means, the Face & Body Exfoliating Gel! I cannot go without it. It’s removes dead skin cells and brightens skin.

What’s one service that you highly recommend at European Wax?
I have done it all but I absolutely love the full leg service! Perfect for summer!

Anything else?
Don’t forget to try our amazing and relaxing Wax Powered Fast Facial! Your skin will feel rejuvenated and you will leave glowing.


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with @authenticallyang

Tell us about you!
Hi! My name is Angela, but you can call me Ang or Angie for short. I am 25 years old and from Prairieville, Louisiana but live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana now. I am a full time 2nd grade teacher and on the side I blog and own my own online and mobile boutique called Blush and Rouge Boutique. I absolutely love finding affordable style for all shapes and sizes for both my blog and boutique.

Pick one: acrylic or natural nails?
I definitely stick with natural nails, but would love to try acrylic once! I do so much with my hands for teaching and the boutique so it’s easier to use my natural nails.

Pick one: tortoise or clear sunglass frames?
I would choose Tortoise because it’s more fun and vibrant than clear. I am all about unique and fun style as well as adding a pop of color wherever I can.

What’s in your summer bag?
I have quite a lot in my summer bag including sunglasses, lipstick, wallet, sunscreen, and my favorite snack which are Verb Energy bars!

Where are you taking your summer selfie at the Rowe?
There are so many fun and unique places to take photographs at the Rowe, but one of my favorites is the Green! There are so many different places in the one area that you can use to make an Instagram worthy picture! 


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