Perkins Rowe Welcomes Studyville

BATON ROUGE, LA –Perkins Rowe announced today that the mixed-use development will welcome the academic lounge, Studyville,to its tenant mix. The tenant will occupy a 3,384 SFs pace next to Neubody Cryotherapy.

Studyville is a revolutionary academic tutoring lounge for 6-12th graders only. Complete with a coffee bar, hip vibe, and energetic atmosphere, Studyville offers everything your teenager needs to succeed in middle school and high school and prepare for college: tutoring, homework help, group study, essay prep, college admission counseling, ACT/SAT/PSAT prep, college application prep, project help, and more.

“Studyville is a place where teens can go do their homework in an inspiring, safe, distraction-free environment with ready access to expert tutors. Busy students can drop in any time between after-school activities or on weekends to get on-demand help with their schoolwork. We are the only place in town to offer micro-tutoring, because if you don’t need an hour, why pay for an hour? We are excited to join Perkins Rowe in their fun and convenient location, and look forward to helping families ‘take the homework fight out of the home,’”says Amanda Vincent, CEO of Studyville.

“We are thrilled to welcome this new concept to Perkins Rowe,” says Bryan Leblanc, General Manager.“Innovative retail offerings are the cornerstone of a successful mixed use property, and Perkins Rowe continues to bring unique uses to the market.”

Studyville is set to open in the 3rd quarter of 2020. For more information on services offered, please visit their website or Facebook.