My boyfriend Conrad and I have been dating for over three years now, and we typically stick to our favorite local places. But we LOVE trying new places and mixing it up every now and then.

So going to Texas De Brazil at Perkins Rowe was a great change of scenery and pace for us — and was an entire dining experience. I’m sharing it all today from what’s on the menu, how it works and my tips for, well, survival. You gotta go into this date night with a plan!

What is Texas De Brazil?

Texas de Brazil is a churrascaria restaurant, which basically means it’s a steakhouse on steroids. There’s a serve-yourself salad bar and hot bar and ALL YOU CAN EAT meats delivered to your table.

The menu is one-price ($42.99) for all you can eat. Or you can opt for just the salad bar ($24.99). There’s also a separate drink menu and dessert menu — which you should totally include in your budget.

Navigating The Salad Bar + Hot Bar

Once you’re seated, you’re free to start your journey at the salad bar. There you’ll find over 40 options of things like Couscous Salad, Sushi, Smoked Salmon, Manchego Cheese, Shrimp Salad, Pineapple Carpaccio, Goat Cheese Terrine, Homemade Crostini and much more.

This is all self-serve, so grab a plate and load up — but be careful that you don’t eat too much! Remember, all you can eat meats are headed to your table.

There is also a self-serve hot bar that includes items like Brazilian Black Beans, Lobster Bisque (omg so good!), Brazilian Cheese Bread, Sauteed Mushrooms, Potatoes au Gratin, Jasmine Rice and Moqueca Fish Stew.

Bring On The Meats!

Once you’re back to your table, you’ll have mashed potatoes and bread served family style at the table. You’ll also have Cinnamon Sugar Bananas, which serve as a palate cleanser. So now the fun part starts — the meats!

The servers are buzzing around with skewers of meats. When they get to your table, they carve slices directly from the cooking skewers onto your plate.

The meat menu includes Herb-Marinated Pork Loin, Picanha, Brazilian Sausage, Leg of Lamb, Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon, Alcatra, Lamb Chops, Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon (my personal fave), Parmesan-Crusted Pork Loin, Garlic Picanha, Braised Beef Ribs, Barbecued Pork Ribs, Parmesan Drumettes, Filet Mignon and Flank Steak.

You can also make a “special request” at any time. If you had a meat you love, you can ask them to bring it to you again for seconds… or thirds.

There’s a little card on your table to flip over, which tells the servers you’re ready for more! Basically, the green side means go (aka… bring me all the meats) and the red side means stop (aka… I need a minute to breathe).

We kept ours on the green side until the very end, which in hindsight we probably should have slowed down a bit because saving room for dessert was TOUGH!

So one tip is to pace yourself.

Save a little room for Dessert

We were stuffed but there was no way we could turn down dessert after the server brought every single option to our table for us to choose.

The dessert menu includes Carrot Cake, Brazilian Flan, Pecan Pie, Brazilian Papaya Cream, Key Lime Pie, Crème Brûlée, Coconut Chess Pie, Bananas Foster Pie… and our top pick: the Cheesecake. Somehow we managed to eat every single bite.

What To Expect After

You’ll be REALLY full, so don’t plan too many activities after dinner. A good option would be to walk down the street to the Cinemark to catch a movie. Or grab an after-dinner coffee at Starbucks.

My Top 3 Tips For A Successful Texas De Brazil Dinner:

1- Go Early

Our reservation was for 4PM, which was PERFECT. It wasn’t crowded, which means we got great service with little wait time. Plus, going early means you can make it a one-meal day. We skipped lunch and had an early dinner.

2- Eat Light Before

I’ve heard of people fasting the day before they go to Texas De Brazil. While you might not need to take it that seriously, I do recommend eating breakfast and skipping lunch or just having a snack to hold you over.

3- Wear Comfortable Clothes

Stretchy pants might not be appropriate, but wear your next closest thing. Skip the tight-fitted shirts and dresses.

Show Your Rowe

There ya have it — our full date night experience at Texas De Brazil! Do you have any tips of your own? Next time you visit, be sure to use #ShowYourRowe!